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Welcome to the community of Fellowship of Isis (FOI) societies in the Chicago metropolitan area.



The Divine Mother, Isis, Amaterasu, Kwannon,
loves and cares for each one of Her children suffering from the earthquake.
We in the Fellowship of Isis together with all who love Her
send Her Blessings to all in Japan.

--Lady Olivia Robertson


About the Fellowship of Isis

Introduction to the Fellowship of Isis

The Fellowship of Isis was founded in 1976 by the late Olivia Robertson, her brother, the late Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, and his wife, the late Pamela Durdin-Robertson. In 1966, Olivia, who had immersed herself in psychic and spiritualist studies from an early age, had a revelation that God was a woman. Her brother Lawrence, then still a clergyman with the Church of Ireland, was himself growing interested in alternative religions and became convinced that Olivia was right. In 1972 he left the Church of Ireland and became a Priest of Isis. Matrilineally, Olivia and Lawrence trace their descent from an Egyptian priestess, Scota, who gave her name to Scotland. Lawrence laid claim to the Robertson's Scottish feudal barony of Straithloch in 1979. Olivia 's chosen successor as head of The Fellowship Of Isis is her niece, Cressida Pryor. Olivia passed into Spirit Nov. 14, 2013 at the age of 96. The Fellowship of Isis is headquartered out of Clonegal Castle, the basement of which houses 12 shrines and five chapels, one shrine for each sign of the zodiac and one chapel for each of five Goddesses. Fellowship of Isis members are invited to traditional festivals at the castle. Guided tours are also available during the summer months. Details are available to members through Isian News and through Foundation Centre. Isis is the form of the Goddess through whom the Fellowship recognizes the Great Goddess in all Her forms--Isis of 10,000 Names. Isis is the traditional Egyptian mother goddess who was responsible for the resurrection of Her husband Osiris. The Fellowship honors the Goddess through all traditions, thereby counterbalancing a patriarchal world. The Fellowship's Rites Olivia has written the Fellowship's Liturgy, which continues to grow. Fellowship of Isis rites consist largely of Mystery Plays, re-enactments of stories of wisdom and inspiration. Parallel wise stories from different pantheons are typically "layered" in the Fellowship's Rites, creating a deeply moving experience of the universal Goddess. Rites also typically begin with an "oracle", a message from the Goddess channelled by Olivia. New rites are published in each issue of Isian News, the Fellowship's newsletter. New members are encouraged to purchase "Dea: Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess" which contains introductory instruction and a Rite for the dedication of a shrine to Isis. You can also download the liturgies for free at the official FOI website here.

to learn more about the Fellowship of Isis, click here to access official information and documents:



What is FOI Chicago?

"FOI Chicago" refers to Fellowship of Isis members and societies (iseums, lyceums, groves, and priories) in the Chicago metropolitan area.

This website was begun by the late Rt. Rev. Deena Celeste Butta. We are updating it as we learn how to build and maintain the website. We continue this in honor of our dear friend Deena, her husband Raymond, and the late Lady Olivia Robertson.



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