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Goddess Festival 2009

Schedule of Events

9:00  am:  Registration, Continental Breakfast and Coffee, Meditation at the Altar of  Juno.

10:00 am:  Procession and blessing

10:30 am:  Clearing of Sacred Space and calling of quarters by Rt. Rev. Gayle Mack..

11:00 am:  Journey to the Temple of Juno : a guided visualisation by Angela Alsira,

11:30 am to 1:00 pm:  Fellowship of Isis Reconnection and Renewal. We will introduce today's main liturgy, and discuss its highlights.  There will also be time for questions about the liturgy, and anything else about the Fellowship of Isis.--Demetria Nanos will do a brief introduction to the beings named in the liturgy, with emphasis on the Goddess Juno, including  her mythology, legends, iconography, symbols, and totems; along with a discussion of the Juno and Genius, located in the forehead.

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm: Lunch Break and Juno’s Bazaar.  Bring a pot luck item for lunch, or visit a local restaurant (list of restaurants.

2:00 pm:  Lady Olivia Robertson: “Juno of the Starry Throne.”

3:00 pm:  Laurel Smith, of Art For Spiritual Awakening, will discuss the Feminine Divine in her art work..

3:30 pm: Shauna Aura and Mark Mandrake: Knight, Priestess, and Sovereign: Stepping Into Personal Power and Leadership.

4:30 pm:  Break and set-up for Main Ritual.

5:30 pm: Main Ritual: The Throne of Destiny. Liturgical Dance music: Pavane by Fauré; Mystery Play Music: Benjamin Britten, Dances from Gloriana; Meditation music:

7:00 Thank you and farewell until next year!




Kallisti Custom Designs
Demetria Nanos -  Steve Adams

Contact:  hail_isis@yahoo.com

Their Products Include  Jewelry ( Magickal, Egyptian style, Fantasy, Shamanic), Altar/Nature Pieces, Quartz, Charms, Candleholders.

Theis Services include: Tarot, Crystal, Heiroglyph, Celtic Tree Readings.


Kiel Ankh-Nem-Ti-Ra & James Nerstheimer

Original photography...incense...and oils.


Shelley Amdur:

Prepaid Legal Services


Thank you!


To People Who Made Donations……


And Who Participated in the Liturgy


Liturgical Dancers: 

Joan Forest Mage; Beth DuPont; Demetria Nanos; Deena Butta

Choreographer,  Deena Butta


Oracle:  Lady Olivia Robertson


Printed Oracle, Lector:  Carole Linda Gonzalez


Priestess Hierophant: Deena Butta

Priest Hierophant:  Raymond Butta

Priestess 1: Demetria Nanos

Priest 1: Mark Mandrake

Priestess 2: Joan Forest Mage

Priest 2: Don Lewis

Priestess 3: Angela Alsira

Priest 3: Kiel Ankh-Nem-Ti-Ra

Apprentice:: Beth DuPont

Presenter: Nancy Trumbull

Politician: James Nerstheimer

Journalist: David Motheral

Mme. President: Shauna Aura Precourt

Queen Thetis: Lady Amber Dawn



And especially to

Lady Olivia Robertson

Who traveled so far to be with us…and who has done so much for us.

We offer you our love and our gratitude!.

The Goddess Festival would not exist without You!



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