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Schedule of Events

9:30 am:  Registration and Meditation

10:00 am:  Procession

10:10 am:  Clearing of Sacred Space ceremony, by members of Iseum Sekhet Aaru

10:15 am:  Blessing by FOI Clergy and Assembly

10:20 am:  A Brigid Meditation, by Angela Alsira

10:40 am to 12:30 pm:  Fellowship of Isis Reconnection and Renewal, which includes detailed explication, spiritual exercises, and recounting of  synchronous events relating to “Opening the Eye of Vision,”  by Lyceum member and friends; also, Vincent Hawkins will offer political, social, and cultural observations; Carole Linda Gonzalez will share a Brigid story; Demetria nanos explores astrological themes; and there’s much more!

Noon to 1:30 pm::  Lunch Break and Shopping.  Lunch is on your own.  Refer to list of restaurants.  Brigid’s Bazaar will be open.

1:30 pm:  Weave a Brigid’s Cross

2:00 p.m.: Lady Olivia Robertson presents “Eye of Vision of the New Aeon.”

3:00  p.m.:  Szmeralda Shanel presents  “ Mami Wata: African Goddess of Truth, Wisdom, and  Creativity.”

4:00 pm:  John Sacelli presents  “Vision and Spell: the Alchemy (all-key-me) of the Mind.”

4:30 pm:  A. V. Quist:  “You Are a Sun”  A multimedia exploration of the Eleusinian Journey.

5:00 PM   Break and set-up for Main Liturgy

6:00  pm: Main Ritual: "Opening the Eye of Vision.”

7:00 Thank you and farewell until next year!


Lady Olivia Robertson.

Angela Alsira

Carole Linda Gonzalez

Vincent Hawkins

Shanel Jackson

Amy Voza Quist.

Celebrants of the Main liturgy, "Opening the Eye of Vision:" Oracle:  Lady Olivia Robertson;  Lector of published oracle:  Carole Linda Gonzalez;  Priestess Hierophant:  Deena Butta;  Priest Hierophant:  Ray Butta;  Candidate for Initiation: Anna Applegate;  Brigid:  Joan Forest Mage;  Mary:  Bea Westrate; Author:  James Nerstheimer;.

Liturgical Dancers:  Joan Forest Mage, Bea Westrate, Deena Butta.

Quarter Guardians:  Demetria Nanos, Angela Alsira, June Edwards, Carole Linda Gonzalez.

Liturgical Dance music:  "See My Wings Shining," Brow / 3rd eye chakra passage, from A Rainbow Path by Kay Gardner.

Meditation music:  "Angels of the Deep" section from Angels of the Deep by Raphael.


Kallisti Custom Designs
Demetria Nanos -  Steve Adams

Contact:  hail_isis@yahoo.com

Their Products Include  Jewelry ( Magickal, Egyptian style, Fantasy, Shamanic), Altar/Nature Pieces, Quartz, Charms, Candleholders.  Theis Services include: Tarot, Crystal, Heiroglyph, Celtic Tree Readings.

Penny Dreads

Full Moon

Amy Voza Quuist…selling copies of “You Are a Sun,”  a novel about a girl who goes on a search for the SUN GOD.  She goes on a very adventurous journey across the United States, in a tale that echoes an ancient myth. It is particularly enlightening, this Eleusinian journey.

Lady Olivia and scenes from Goddess Festival

Lady Olivia and more scenes from the 2008 Goddess Festival

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