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 Mindlight : Secrets of Energy, Magick & Manifestation

Silver RavenWolf

Llewellyn Publications c2006

ISBN 978-0-7387-0985-7

This valuable book expresses clearly how little effort it takes to make our desires miraculously occur.

The author defines meditation as “…simply an elongated thought turned into an enchantment.”  Most of us would agree as to the magical nature and power of our thoughts…yet sometimes we forget.  Mindlight reminds us of these important things.  It teaches a form of meditation that is used as a tool for daily living, and turns your thoughts into moments of positive power.

The book gets right down to business.  The Mindlight Meditation is described in 12 easy steps on pages 2, 3, and 4.   This is followed by simple instructions on how to stay in a positive frame of mind, and keep the magick of the Mindlight in focus.  The rest of the book consists of myriad illustrations of Mindlight in practice, with ideas and guidance for adapting it for countless situations.

Books about meditation number in the hundreds or maybe thousands.  But this one is unique in its simple, active, practical nature.  The first chapter, in addition to providing the Mindlight meditation, defines and discusses supporting concepts such as agreement, perfection, quantum physics, and balance.  The text is full of concrete examples and illustrations.  There are abundant personal narratives.  Sometimes these become too numerous.  However, they can be useful for the newcomer to meditation and magical practices, who might be solitary, without sufficient opportunity for conversation about these things.  This book comes close to providing the feel of a conversation with an understanding friend who is experienced and knowledgeable about these matters.  More experienced readers may want to fast-forward through the long chatty personal accounts, but newcomers might enjoy them a lot.

The first three chapters cover the basics, including the fundamentals of meditation, and how to do the Mindlight meditation; how to be in control of your own thoughts, and master the art of agreement;  and how to access the creative mind and “the zero point,” a condition of complete potential.  Each chapter includes a recap of the discussion, making it easier for the reader to internalize the concepts and replicate the exercise. 

The next four chapters introduce different types of meditations and mind exercises for various times and needs.   Each meditation is short.  Some include suggestions for candle colors, herbs, and oils that expand the meditation into a working.  Each meditation is accompanied by comments describing what the meditation is good for, with variations.   Between the sections are helpful lists of correspondences such as chakras, colors, gemstones, symbols, cyclical times, planets, astrological correspondences, etc. 

The information is wide-ranging and eclectic, having been gathered from diverse global sources, philosophies, and traditions, and applied to a great variety of situations.  Although the many lists and situations can seem overwhelming, their purpose is to demonstrate how the basic Mindlight meditation can be augmented and enhanced.

The concluding chapter discusses the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, from the standpoint of quantum reality.

The appendix contains instructions for creating magickal oils, and a list of planetary hours.  There is a basic astrological glossary, and a bibliography for people wanting to continue their reading in the area of quantum physics and consciousness.

The basic Mindlight meditation is a valuable thing to understand and apply to your daily life, as well as to your rituals and ceremonies.  Once you know how to do the basic Mindlight meditation, its uses are endless.  It is especially easily adapted to the rituals of the Fellowship of Isis.


Copyright Deena Hartray Butta 12/31/2007



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