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Goddess Inspiration Oracle
  Goddess Inspiration Oracle by Kris Waldherr

This gorgeous deck of cards depicts 80 goddesses from cultures and religious paths around the world.

It comes in a little 6” by 6” box, with a guide booklet and a beautiful gold organdy pouch. 

The booklet consists of 2 main parts.  The introduction discusses the concepts of inspiration; the feminine divine; oracles; and how they are all related to each other.  The second part is an alphabetical guide to the goddesses depicted in the deck

The author chose goddesses who represent a wide array of women’s concerns.  As she worked with them, inspiring messages and new points of view began to emerge in her psyche.  The author states, “They are intended to act as a catalyst for change.”  (p.9) 

The cards portray the diverse energy, forms, and functions of the feminine divine.  The process of working with them can awaken the creativity and attunement to Isis if Ten Thousand Names which is so valued by the Fellowship of Isis.. 

The images are not tied to tarot in any way.   The deck was created not as a tool of divination, but rather to help people become more receptive to noticing and recognizing information offered by deity.

Each card features a portrait of a goddess, and a brief description of the attribute by which she is honored in her native culture.  Included is a message inspired by the goddess and her story, which can be used as an affirmation.

The booklet expands upon the cards by offering additional information, and keywords for each goddess, to help people identify and connect with their energy.  Guidelines are provided for ideas on working with the cards, and different ways they can be read. 

Following the profiles of the 80 goddesses, there is additional information about the art work.  There is also a reading list that will be helpful to people just discovering the Goddess, as well as to anyone interested in the Feminine Divine.

This set is a joy to use and behold. Each card is a work of art that can be used as a focus for your day or for your sacred space.  The deck will introduce you to the names and qualities of many goddesses.  It will help you to attune your consciousness, and commune with them. 

I tested the deck on my co-worker, who is respectful of the Feminine Divine but still new to it.  I am happy to report it worked very well for her.  She did a general reading using a 5 card spread.  Three of the cards reflected issues having to do with moving house, which accurately indicated her circumstances.  By contemplating the 3 goddesses who reflected 3 aspects of the home, along with the other 2, she was able to gain good insights into her situation, and make some creative choices.  In addition, she was delighted with the quiet beauty of the deck, which was soothing to the spirit; as well as the opportunity to have a 5-way conversation with unexpected guidance.

I have enjoyed working with this beautiful deck, and I believe most FOI members will, too!


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