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Odun, Frederic De Arechaga

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ASUTA The Journal for the Study and Research into the Mandaean Culture, Religion, and Language. Volume 5 Special Issue Online edition Sabians, Sabaeans, or Sabeans RESEARCH DONE BY AJAE COPYRIGHT 2000

"Frederic De Arechaga, also known as Odun, created the Sabaean Religious Order in Chicago, Illinois during the late 1960’s. His family is of Basque extraction, and originally came from  Spain.  Before becoming the head of this new religion, he lists as previous occupations that of a choreographer and a designer. His mother’s illness prompted Mr. De Arechaga to come to Chicago where he took over her occult supply store, El-Sabarum. 

 In the 1970’s he changed his name to Odun (pronounced Ordun) Arechaga after his  initiation into Santeria. He specialized in studying a god named Obatala.  The Sabaean Religious Order was located at 3221 Sheffield Street, Chicago, Illinois 60657--- phone (773) 868-6003. There were also small chapters located in Ohio, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Fort Lauderdale.  The Sabaean religious order also has an official website located at http://www.sabaean.org/ 

 The religion he created is based on his conception of the Sabaean practices of antiquity, Egyptian Mythology, and Babylonian and Sumarian myth along with ancient African theologies.

The following material is from Popular Witchcraft: Straight from the Witch's Mouth by Jack fritscher. -- University of Wisconsin Press, c1969.

"In Chicago, bisexual Pontifex Maximus Frederic de Arechaga is the chief American practitioner of the Sabaeanist system of the Old Religion."  (p. xiii-xiv)

"...In interview at his Babylonian-style temple in Chicago...De Arechaga founded his Sabaean religious order in Chicago in 1968 when he took over his mother's occult supply store, El Sabarum, on Sheffield Street..." (p. 129-130)


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