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Landon, Christa Heiden

Dr. Christa Landon is Christa Kilcoyne, a.k.a. Bridgid, Priestess from the Pagan Way, initiate from the Herman-Donna days. Christa Kilcoyne (Ohio?)from CUUPS at the Unitarian Church in New Town, and Panthea, is Brigid, a third degree PS. from Pagan Way. Her current husband's name is Tom. Her ex husband Bradley was in the Pagan Way also. His face was the model for the crumbling SunGod mask that we used in the temple for years. They knew or hung with the Wobblies and Mithraists.(thank you to Demetria) 

Christa met Donna Cole Schultz in 1970, when she and Herman Enderle were teaching together at Temple of the Pagan Way, and received 3 degrees of initiation from them and ordination from her.  When many others decried Christa's seeking advanced degrees and attending the Unitarian Universalist seminary, Donna encouraged her.   Donna herself had been a Unitarian at one time.   (thenk you to Christa Landon, http://paganinstitute.org/PIR/Pagan_community_news.html#Lady%20Donna%20Cole%20Schultz%20completes%20a%20lifetime%20of%20service%20to%20the%20Gods)

Name:    Dr. Christa Heiden Landon
Location:    Twin Cities
Religion/Tradition:    I was ordained at Temple of the Pagan Way in Chicago in 1972 by Herman Enderle and Donna Cole (later Donna Cole Shultz).  I have also earned a master's degree in comparative religions at the University of Chicago and a doctorate in ministry (D.Min.) from Meadville/Lombard Theological School, the Unitarian Universalist seminary affiliated with the University of Chicago.
Other Information:   I am one of the cofounders of CUUPs and currently the facilitator of CUUPs-Twin Cities.  I am licensed to perform weddings in the state of Minnesota (credentials filed at Hennepin County.)  Because each couple is different, my role as an officiant is to help them to explore and express their relationship in a unique ceremony.  I meet with couples three times before the rehearsal, and provide an 80 page collection of materials which helps them to find just the right words.  I provide the same service to lesbian and gay couples.  As a Unitarian Universalist minister, I can provide them with a preprinted certificate of Holy Union which the Unitarian Universalist Association recognizes even though the State of Minnesota does not.
Email:   drchlandon@aol.com

(thank you to Christa Landon, http://pagandiversity.com/minnesota.html)


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