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Pagan Way in Chicago

about Pagan Way... The Pagan Way Lineage:   Donna Cole Schultz and her husband Robert Schultz in Chicago trained initiates in their Gardnerian line, which goes back to England.   Donna had traveled to England in 1969, had worked with Madge Worthington and Arthur Edmonds, two of Eleanor Bone's initiates, and was raised to Second Degree by them.  She was also close friends with Lois Bourne, who had succeeded Doreen Valiente as High Priestess of the original London coven, the one to which Fred Lamond still belongs. Donna then brought the Gardnerian Craft to Chicago, teamed up with Herman Enderle and began a pagan group which was originally nameless but eventually became known as Temple of The Pagan Way. Ginny Brubaker joined the group inn 1971 while it was still nameless. This group adapted Ed Fitch's new Pagan Way materials as an Outer Court, and thus helped create the Temple of the Pagan Way as an eclectic Tradition with a Gardnerian core. Theos and Phoenix resolved an institutional problem by elevating Donna (Lady Morda) to the 3rd degree in their Gardnerian Tradition at Long Island according to New York procedures.  . Covens that descend from Temple of the Pagan Way are thus also Gardnerian by several different definitions. Deirdre and Modred in Louisville were training initiates, and the Craft was therefore also expanding rapidly from that base of operations.  (Thank you to Aidan Kelly and Elaine Ek for providing this information)

Herman Enderle's Temple of the Pagan Way followed Ed Fitch's "Pagan Way" ritual system, which can be read about in Herman Slater's compilation of rituals titled A Book of Pagan Rituals (Weiser) [another good source of Fitch ideas is The Witch's Grimoire]. Many Chicago-area groups can trace at least part of their ritual practices to ideas or rituals adapted, or even lifted verbatim, from Fitch's Pagan Way system. The Pagan Way system was an attempt to create a generic pagan system which transcended many of the divisions between traditions which had emerged at the time. Pagan Way followers were not necessarily witches. Pagan Way used ideas in ceremonial magick very heavily. (thank you to Aglaian Triad of Wicca http://aglaian.visioncollective.org/)

Pagan Way History
"In 1967, an occult study and worship group was formed in Chicago....it's goal as restoring the Temple of Initiation of the ancient Mysteries, ie. magick, the Craft and Paganism as expressed in the traditional philosophy of Western Occultis" (Lucien).  
According to Dianis Lucien (1988)  "Pagan Way Witchcraft in Chicago, (and its daughter the Calumet Pagan Temple) and indeed many Craft and Pagan groups around the country past and present, trace their origin and Initiatory descent to the Temple of the Pagan Way in Chicago.
The members of the group were initiates of different systems of the Arts and all held Paganism to be the true religion of the West....the group reconstructed ancient past mysteries and then developed modern methods of work which were meaningful to the members and of service to all humanity."  In 1974 the magickal name Uranus was adopted by the General Council.


The Pagan Way in Chicago :  A group dedicated to promoting Ed Fitch's rituals  included  Joe Wilson,
 Tony Kelly, John Hansen, Tom DeLong (aka Gwydion Penderwin), Herman Enderle, Donna Cole, and possible John Score.  The materials that developed through this group were
 NEVER meant to be an "outer court" system but instead, were written to be a new and totally stand-
 alone system.  The various writings that made up the teachings of this new system were meant to be
 freely shared and distributed.  Herman Slater published some of these as 
 A Book of Pagan Rituals, edited by himself.  Ed Fitch later published some of the Pagan Way
 material  in  Grimoire of Shadows and Magical Rites From the Crystal Well.  Three temples using this system
 were started in three different cities.  Philadelphia, Chicago, and (possibly) Boston.  The Pagan Way group in each of these cities
 was NOT a Gardnerian Outer Court, but was part of a new and independent system.    Donna Cole and her husband went to  England, where they obtained their 2nd
 degree initiations.  After they separated, Donna met Herman Enderle, and together they not only helped
 with the creation of the Pagan Way written materials,but formed the Temple of the Pagan Way in Chicago.
 They also had a Gardnerian Coven, which was a separate organization.  When Donna
 met and married Robert Schultz, they  left theTemple of the Pagan Way and formed the Temple of
 the Sacred Stones.  Herman Enderle remained as Priest of the Temple of the Pagan Way for a number of
 years.   In addition to working with the Temple of the Pagan Way, Herman Enderle formed a
 hermetic lodge, initially called the Temple of Uranus and later Earthstar Lodge.  When he retired from the
 Temple of the Pagan Way to work solely with his hermetic lodge, Ginny Brubaker, Herman's last
 Priestess in the Temple of the Pagan Way, and her husband became the Priestess and Priest of the
 Temple.  (source:  Aidan Kelly http://www.oldways.org/paganway.htm)

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