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Aglaian Triad of Wicca

 This information is from the Aglaian Triad of Wicca website at http://aglaian.visioncollective.org/

Aglaian Triad of Wicca is a Craft coven located in Homewood, Illinois. The coven was established just before Samhain 1982.  They have been a Covenant of the Goddess member coven since 1989.

Their historical roots are in Richard Clarke's south suburban Calumet Pagan Temple of the 1970s.

Their tradition is the Aglaian Tradition.  Ritual practices in 1998 and thereafter  continue to resemble Ed Fitch's Pagan Way system.  However their rites also emphasized native American, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, and other mythological and ritual traditions. The Aglaian tradition emphasizes spontaneity and ease of ritual, and depth of feeling and purpose, over the form of ritual.

Though their ritual practices may be described as eclectic, otheirphilosophy and metaphysics are uniquely Aglaian. Our psychic ("magickal") practices draw upon a variety of occult sources, most importantly Rosicrucian (AMORC), Tibetan Buddhism, and prosperity consciousness. They also incorporate some insights from Zen Buddhist, Theosophy, modern psychology, and channeling techniques.

They celebrate both the Goddess and the God together as the triune manifestation of the planet's life force. They dedicate themselves to helping our species attain harmony and happiness both within themselves and (very important) with the other living species of Earth. They seek to change the world by using the psychic and magickal methods taught by the Craft, as well as lots of plain hard work. They follow the Wiccan Rede:

These eight words does the Wiccan Rede Fullfill:
An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will.

They also teach the laws of Reincarnation, the Law of Three-Fold Returns, the Law of Amra (Give if ye would Get), as well as many other Cosmic principles. They encourage parallel membership in other mystical or occult societies to enhance our understanding of Cosmic Law.

.They are clergy-laity and do not try to make a living from teaching Wicca or running the group.

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