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Odun is Basque, and very proud of it.  He was quite adamant about the Basque being descended from the Babylonians, via trade and migration through the Mediterranean. The year of the program being printed would make a difference in how his name would be credited.   I don't know how long he used Ordun publicly.  

The old Eleusis was Krista/Brigid' s tiny group when the big ToPW split occurred, and several of us atended - Dianus (David Piper), Brother Tim, and possibly her ex-husband Bradley, though i don't remember the revolving cast well. The rites were held at her home in west Logan Square where it meets the Hermosa neighborhood, I think around 3800 West Palmer. This was when she was Brigid, and had achieved the second or third degree at ToPW. I think it was fire, 3rd degree.

 Eriu/Susan Yoh, had rites at her place, too - often with our friends from our respective high schools who were not initiates but loved Nature and were open to rthe Goddess.

Many other ToPW went to the Church of All Worlds, also, and chose a nest or proto-nest to congregate with. A few were also in the Society for Creative Anachronisms, and had their own personal ritual things going on. SCA people were mostly pagan, but not all from the Pagan Way, so it would be nice to find somebody still alive from those heady days of Dionysian revelry. They would have a plethora of stories to tell.

Bonnie Luchs had a husband (?) who went to some of those meetings - Lee Darrow.

There were other seekers who were from the Theosophical Society and attended many different groups for ritual and fellowship.   Brother George and Brother Joseph (Scwarzbaum - wasn't he a doll?) were two of them.  Another fellow, Ken, was a regular. we had a member, Zoriandu, who played harp. She had been with the Sabeans (Frederick) and 'escaped'. There were Zaak & Kelley, who left when the split occurred and went to Ordun's order, along with Rick Leeper. They subsequently left, but got something out of it. There was another woman, Kathy Garnett ( or Garness) who was a talented textile artist and was with us for a couple of years, then went to Ordun'd temple and fell into the "cult of personality" - in 'love' with him, and subject to his Rajneesh-like rule. There was a Zen Buddhist monk who came by often, since she was a pagan, too!! The legendary Phyla Phillips! Wotta gal! Other Buddhist pagans moved throught he occult societies of Chicago - one of them worked at the Occult Bookstore, Anna. She's up near DeerPark in the Madison area now. Russell Thorne would be a fountain of congenial information, if we can find him. His memoirs have been begun and he has a bit posted online. There are many pagans who are musicians and artists but not aligned with a particular group, since they needed freedom of movement and sociability in their trades. Hans and jack had some dynamite Heartland activities and classes for several years. They were a more progressive group at the time (1980s). ...Frederick's last name is D'Arechaga - rumor is that he moved to New Orleans before the flood gates of Ea opened.

Tmple of the Pagan Way was the big pan-heathen/ pagan/non- abrahamic group in the city back in the '70s. It split into several groups, Temple of the Sacred Stones, Temple Eleusis (Krista Kilcoyne), Temple Uranus>Earthstar, and at least three groups who all called themselves Temple of the Pagan Way - there were a few south suburban temples descended from the ToPW, from the days that Herman and Donna ran it, then Herman and Ginny Brubaker, with a supporting priesthood of David Norman, Phil M., Susan Yoh, Heather McClimans, Bonnie Luchs, John P. McClimans (templemaster who set up the altar, candles, etc.), and a few others whose names are not at the top of my brain. Contacting Bob Schultz would be a good idea, he was in the mix from an early time on. (Happily remarried, now, too!) Hans is a good contact for the Temple Abraxas, Heartland Pagan Assn., and some other early groups/grouplets,
Hank Anderson for the OTO current and prior, and i'm not sure who to ask about some strictly lesbian, gay, or Fairy groups - I have a couple of friends that I can ask, but I have to hunt them down after semester end. There used to be a couple of voudoun groups on the south side in the '70s and again in the '90s. Dawn Silver might know about some of the healing groups from the '90s.

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