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Abbatecola, Joni

            Lady of the Lotus CD or tape

            --Joni is a Priestess-Hierophant with a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counseling.  This is an intimate healing encounter with the Great Goddess, consisting of two separate guided journeys with Sekhmet and Isis, for courage, peace, creativity, inner healing, and deep communion with the Goddess.  1)  Isis: Transforming Love and 2) Sekhmet: Transforming Fire.  Includes: the words of Isis; the channeled technique, “The Lotus Meditatiion: A Gift From Isis” along with beautiful ancient Egyptian music.  Each journey is over 20 minutes.  Available from the Bodhi Tree Bookstore, (310) 659-1733., or from the author at (626) 967-7096.

              Mistress of Dreams CD

            --This is a dream incubation temple journey with Isis as the main deity (but can be used with any favorite deity) for access to deep and hidden resources or knowledge..  It opens the way for a sacred dream of the Goddess for guidance or healing.  Richly textured to take you very deep within; it contains an Isis chant, and can awaken past life memories.  You visit a magical temple dedicated to sacred dreaming as were very popular and effective in the ancient world.  Based on extensive research of this practice which was also used in most traditions around the world, Journey lasts over 30 minutes, and is used before sleep.  Tested in workshops and in private sessions.

            Available from the Bodhi Tree Bookstore, (310) 659-1733. or from the author at (626) 967-7096.

            Lady of Prosperity. CD

            --A mystical journey with the goddess Lakshmi as Mahadevi, this powerful visualization contains ancient mantras and prayers in English and Sanskrit in the background, with psychological techniques that enable the user to connect with the Great Goddess or Cosmic Force of spiritual and material abundance.  It is ricjly textured to have Indian music of sitar, tabla, flute, violin, tambura, and temple bells. Mantras taken from the Vedas and  Tantras and Upanishads and other holy texts of India.  Journey lasts for over 30 minutes, and if used regularly will help crfeate abundance on all levels.

            Available from the Bodhi Tree Bookstore, (310) 659-1733, or from the author at (626) 967-7096.



Almond, Jocelyn :

            The Book of Egyptian Ritual / Thorsons 2002

Egyptian Book Of Shadows : Eight Seasonal Rites for Egyptian Paganism  /

            Thorsons, c2000

(Written by a member of the Archpriesthood Union, contains rituals for solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter festivals, based on Egyptian texts and rituals.)

Egyptian Paganism For Beginners : Bring the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient

            Egypt Into Daily Life / Llewellyn 2004

Tarot For Lovers / Thorsons 1995

Tarot For Relationships : A Practical Guide to Understanding Love and Sex From

            Tarot Reading / Thorsons 1990

Understanding Tarot : A Practical Guide to Tarot Card Reading / Thorsons 1995


Andrews, George (editor)

            Drugs and Sexuality  -- Panther 1975

            Drugs and Magic – Panther 1973


Ardinger, Barbara
        Pagan Every Day : Finding the Extraordinary in Our Ordinary Lives / Red Wheel / Weiser 2005
        Finding New Goddesses : Reclaiming Playfulness in Our Spiritual Lives / ECW Press, 2003
        Quicksilver Moon / Three Moons Media, 2003
        Practicing the Presence of the Goddess : Everyday rituals to Transform Your World / New World Library, 2000
        Goddess Meditations / llewellyn, 1999
        A Woman's Book of Rituals and Celebrations / New World Library, 1995
        Seeing solutions : brief visualizations to help you control your anger, anxiety, and frustration and to create a better reality /  New  American    Library, 1989
        Cleopatra on stage : an examination of the persona of the queen in English drama, 1592-1898 / Thesis/dissertation/manuscript, 1976
        An examination and comparison of the neo-classical unities of time, place and action in selected representative comedies of Shakespeare   and Moliere ; a thesis / Thesis/dissertation/manuscript, 1968


Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores

            First Steps In Ritual . -- Aquarian Press, c1982. 

(This manual was written by an FOI member who is also a master teacher within the Servants Of Light.  Egyptian and ceremonial rituals are included, as well as a powerful Isian rite.)

The Ritual Magic Workbook : A Practical Course of Self-Initiation. – Aquarian

            Press 1986


Ashe, Geoffrey

All About King Arthur / Carousel Books, 1973, 1969
The Ancient Wisdom / Macmillan, 1977
The Art of Writing Made Simple / Heinemann, 1984, 1981
Arthurian Britain / Gothic Image Publications
An Arthurian Dictionary / University Press of Mississippi, 1978
The Arthurian Encyclopedia / Garland, 1986
The Arthurian Handbook / Garland, 1988
            The Arthurian Tradition : Essays in Convergence / University of Alabama Press, 
Atlantis : Lost Lands, Ancient Wisdom / Thames and Hudson, 1992
Atlantis : the Legend of a Lost City / Frances Lincoln, 2002, 1999
Avalonian Quest / Methuen 1982
The Book of Prophecy : From Ancient Greece to the Modern Day / Orion 2002
Camelot and the Vision of Albion / Heinemann, 1971
The Carmelite Order : a Short History / 1977
Dawn Behind the Dawn : a Search for the Earthly Paradise / H. Holt, 1993, 1992
Discovering the Goddess : a Personal Testimony / Crescent Moon, 1994
The Discovery of King Arthur / Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1985
Do What You Will; a History of Anti-Morality / W.H. Allen, 1974
Elias, Prophet and Saint / Carmelite press, 1977
Encyclopedia of Prophecy / ABC-Clio, 2001
            The Finger and the Moon / Heinemann, 1973
            From Caesar to Arthur / Collins, 1960
Gandhi : A Study in Revolution / Stein and Day 1969
The Glastonbury Tor Maze / Gothic Image, 1982
A Guidebook to Arthurian Britain / Longman, 1980
The Hell-Fire Clubs : a History of Anti-Morality / Sutton 2000
The Hell-Fire Clubs : Sex, Rakes and Libertines / Stroud Sutton, c2005
King Arthur / Chelsea House Publishers, 2004
King Arthur in Fact and Legend / T. Nelson, 1972, (c)1971
King Arthur, the Dream of a Golden Age / Thames and Hudson, 1990
King Arthur's Avalon : the Story of Glastonbury / Collins 1957
Kings and Queens of Early Britain / Academy Chicago Publishers, 1998, 1990
Labyrinths and Mazes / Wessex Books, 2003
The Land and the Book; Israel: the Perennial Nation / Collins, 1965
Land to the West; St. Brendan's Voyage to America / Collins, 1962
The Landscape of King Arthur / Webb and Bower 1987
Merlin / Wessex Books, c2001
Miracles / Abacus, 1979, (c)1978
Mythology of the British Isles / Methuen, 1992, 1990
The New Arthurian Encyclopedia / St. James Press, 1991
The Prince and the Grail / Charing Cross Productions, 2001
The Quest for America / Praeger 1971
The Quest for Arthur's Britain / Pall Mall Pres 1968
The Quest for the Holy Grail in the Legends of King Arthur / Cassette tape 1986
            The Tale of the Tub : a Survey of the Art of Bathing Through the Ages / N. 
                               Neame, 1950
The Virgin : Mary's Cult and the Re-emergence of the Goddess  / Routledge & 
                               Kegan Paul 1976                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Who is King Arthur / S.M.U. Media Services, 1982 Videorecording :  VHS tape  
Barczynski, Leon and Barczynska,Vivian ( Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips)
            The Apparel of High Magick / Llewellyn 1975                         
            Astral Projection / Llewellyn 2001
            Astral Projection : Achieving the Out-Of-Body Experience)  (audio cassette) / 
                               Association for Consciousness Exploration 1988
            The Astral Projection Kit / Llewellyn 2002
            Creative Visualization : Manifest Your Desires / Llewellyn 2001
            Creative Visualization : Visualizing and Achieving Your Goal (audio cassette) / 
                               Association for Consciousness Exploration 1988
            Deep Mind Tape for Creative Visualization (video) / Llewellyn 2005
            The Foundations of High Magick (the Magical Philosophy Book 1 & 2) / 
                               Llewellyn 1991
            The Inner World of Fitness  / Llewellyn 1985
         The Llewellyn Practical Guide to Creative Moneymaking : Become a Money 
                           Magnet / Llewellyn 1991
            Llewellyn Practical Guide to the Magic of Sex / Llewellyn 2003
            The Magical Philosophy (series) / Llewellyn 1974-
            (“These books cover a wide range of occult knowledge, from hitherto unknown information about The Order of the Knights Templar to the somewhat neglected influence of Neo-Platonism on the Western magical tradition.  The authors not only have painstaking learning, but the books are very well written and pleasant to read.  The illustrations are striking.    A groundwork in Hermetic teachings is given and the authors have themselves experienced that which they write about.  This gives their books authenticity.”—Olivia Robertson.)
            Mysteria Magica : Fundamental Techniques of High Magick ( The magical 
                               Philosophy Book 5) / Llewellyn 1975
            Planetary Magic : A Complete System for knowledge and Attainment / Llewellyn 
            Practical Guide to Psychic Powers / Llewellyn 2000
            Psychic Self-Defense / Llewellyn 1998
            Robe and Ring : the Philosophy of the Magical Art ; the Ethics of Western 
                               Occultism / Llewellyn 1974
            The Sword and the Serpent : The Two-Fold Qabalistic Universe (Book 4 of The 
                               Magical Philosophy) / Llewellyn 1975
            The Triumph of Light / Llewellyn 1978
            The Twenty-Ninth Path—From Malkuth to Netzach : the Bodily Intelligence 
                               (audio cassette) / Llewellyn 1985
            The Thirty-First Path—From Malkuth to Hod : Unresting Intelligence (audio 
                               cassette) / Llewellyn 1985
            Working the 31st Path (with Carl Llewellyn Weschke) : cassette tape
Barklam, John W. B. and Mrs. J. (editors)
            Foresight Magazine (editor)
Brockway, Laurie Sue
            A Goddess Is a Girl’s Best Friend : A Divine Guide to Finding Love, Success,
                                and Happiness / Penguin 2002
            Release the Seductress Within : How To Seduce A Man and Thrill You Both / 
                               Gramercy 2003
            The Wedding Goddess : A Divine Guide to Transforming Wedding Stress Into 
                               Wedding Bliss /  Penguin, 2005
Beth, Rae
            Lamp of the Goddess : Lives and Teachings of a Priestess. – Samuel Weiser 1994
Burland, Cottie
            Man, Myth, and Magic (series co-editor)


Christine, Nicole

Temple of the Living Earth : The Story of the Awakening of a Priestess to the

             World. . -- Earth Song Publications, c1995. 

–        (This is a personal account of the evolution and awakening of one FOI priestess’s Isian consciousness.  It is instructive and inspiring.)


Clark, Rosemary

The Everything Meditation Book Learn to Relax, Eliminate Stress, and Bring

            Inner Peace Into Your Life / Adams Media Corp., c2003.

            The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt. . -- Llewellyn, c2003. 

–        (This manual by an FOI member is a modern practice of ancient Egyptian sacred ritual and magic.)


            The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt . -- Llewellyn, c2001. 

–        (This book by an FOI member is provides an overview of ancient Egyptian philosophy, mythology, sacred centers, temples, etc.)


Currey, Anna Durdin-Robertson (artist)

            The Goddesses of Chaldaea, Syria, and Egypt – Cesara 1975

            The Goddesses of India, Tibet, China, and Japan – Cesara 1976


Farrar, Janet

            The Complete Dictionary of European Gods and Goddesses / Capall Bann 2000

Discovering Witchcraft : A Journey Through the Elements  (videorecording) /

            Sothis Films 1998

            Discovering Witchcraft : The Mysteries (videorecording) / Sothis Films

Eight Sabbats for Witches, and Rites for Birth, Marriage, and Death / Phoenix


The Healing Craft : Healing Practices for Witches and Pagans / Robert Hale 2000

            The Life and Times of a Modern Witch / Headline, 1987

            The Magical History of the Horse – Capall Bann Publishing 1998; Hale 1992

            The Pagan Path / Hale 1995

            The Pagan / Wiccan Path (videorecording) / Godolphin Publishing 1995

            Progressive Witchcraft : Spirituality, Mysteries, and Training in Modern Wicca. –

                        Career Press inc., 1994

            Spells and How They Work / Phoenix Pub. 1990

            A Witches’ Bible : The Complete Witches’ Handbook / Phoenix 1996

            A Witches Bible Compleat / Magickal Childe 1984

            The Witches’ God : The Masculine Principle of Divinity; Lord of the Dance /

                        Phoenix 1989

            The Witches’ Goddess : The Feminine Principle of Divinity / Phoenix, 1987

The Witches’ Way : Principles, Rituals, and Beliefs of Modern Witchcraft /

            Phoenix Pub., 1984

The Witches’ Way : Principles, Rituals, and Beliefs of Modern Witchcraft (sound

            recording) / Readings For The Blind 1996


Farrar, Stewart

            Backlash / Hale 1988

            The Dance of Blood / Severn House 1978

            Death In the Wrong Bed / Walker 1963

            Emergency Ward 10 (TV series script)

            Forcible Entry / R. Hale 1986

            Omega : A Novel / Times Books 1980

            The Serpent of Lilith / Arrow Books 1976

            The Snake On 99 / Washburn 1958

            The Sword of Orley / St. Martins Press 1977

            The Twelve Maidens : A Novel of Witchcraft /  St. Martins Press 1974

            Watch the Wall, My Darling (radio drama script)

What witches Do : The Modern Coven Revealed – Phoenix Publishing Inc. 1983

            Why Witchcraft

            Witch’s Dozen – Godolphin House 1996

            Zero In the Gate / Walker 1960


Forrest, M. Isidora

 Isis Magic: Cultivating A Relationship With the Goddess of 10,000 Names  /

            Llewellyn, c2001.

–        (This deeply experiential book is a program of personal development that guides the seeker in cultivating a spiritual practice and relationship with Isis.  It contains exercises, meditations, rituals, background, etc.)

            Offering to Isis /Llewellyn, c2005.

            (Ancient offering rites and their contemporary use is the subject of this wonderful and practical book, which re-emphasizes the importance of gratitude in our devotional practices.)


Foster,Jeanne O’Cain

            Dance the Divine – Creative Communications 1997


Gioseffi, Daniela

Adjusting Sites : New Essays in Italian American Studies / Forum Italicum 1999
Bearing Life :Women's Writings on Childlessness / Feminist Press at the City 
       University of New York, 2001, 2000

            The Belly Dance / New English Library, c1979, 1977

            Blood Autumn / Bordighera Press 2006

            Breaking Open: Reflections on Italian American Women's Writing / Purdue 
            University Press, 2003
            A Brooklyn Bridge Poetry Walk / Print Center 1972
            Dust Disappears / Cross-Cultural Communications, 1995
            Eggs in the Lake : Poems / BOA Editions, 1979
            Earth Dancing, Mother Nature's Oldest Rite / Stackpole Books, 1980
Going On: Poems / Bordighera, 2000

            Great American Belly Dance . / Doubleday 1977

–        (This novel by an FOI member describes one woman’s awakening to the recognition of herself as a daughter of the goddess.  It contains some profound as well as humorous insights.)

In bed With the Exotic Enemy : Stories and Novella / Avisson Press, c1997.
Italian American Writers on New Jersey : an Anthology of Poetry and Prose / 
                   Rutgers University Press, 2003
On Prejudice : a Global Perspective / Anchor Books, 1993
Wildlife of Northwest New Jersey : an Introductory gGuide to the Birds, 
                   Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians of the Skylands Region /
        Ladybug 1994
Women On War: an International Anthology of Women's Writings From 
                   Antiquity to the Present / Feminist Press at the City University of New 
                   York, 2003 
Women on wWar: Essential Voices for the Nuclear Age
            Word Wounds and Water Flowers: Poems / Bordighera, 1995


Greer, Mary K.


            An Audio Exploration of Tarot / St. Martin’s Press, c1988.

The chronology of the Golden Dawn : being a chronological history of a magical

            order, 1378-    1994 / Holmes Pub. Group, c1999.

            The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals / Llewellyn c2002

The Essence of Magic: Tarot, Ritual and Aromatherapy / U.S. Games Systems

            Inc., c1997

Healing Emotional Pain with Tarot / Access Audio / Video Productions.

            Mary K Greer’s 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card Deck / Llewellyn, c2006

New Thoughts on Tarot: Transcripts from the First Newcastle International Tarot

            Symposium / Millefleurs, c1989

Tarot Constellations: Patterns of Personal Destiny / U.S. Games Systems Inc.,


Tarot for Your Self: A Workbook for Personal Transformation / Career Press Inc.,


Tarot Mirrors: Reflections of Personal Meaning / U.S. Games Systems Inc.,


Tarot Transformation : a Workbook for discovering your true self / Aquarian,

            c1987, 1984.

            Understanding the Tarot Court / Llewellyn, c2004

            The William Blake Tarot of the creative imagination / HarperSanFrancisco, c1995

Women of the Golden Dawn: Rebels and Priestesses: Maud Gonne, Moina

            Bergson Mathers, Annie Horniman, Florence Farr / Inner Traditions

            International, c1996.


Hemberger, Adolf

         Dr. Klingsor: Experimental Magic

         Documenta et Ritualia Fraternitatis Saturn

         Das historisch-soziologische Verhältnis des westeuropäischen Anarcho-

                     Syndikalismus zum Marxismus – 1963

         Pansophie und Rosenkreuz

         The Philosophy of the Green Snake


Hill, Greg

         The Waxing Moon (magazine)


Hope, Murry

            Ancient Egypt - the Sirius Connection / Element Books, c1990.

            Ancient Wisdom of Atlantis / Thorsons, c1999.

(The legendary lost city of Atlantis has for centuries been used by visionaries and mystics to represent idealisation of civilisation. Hope looks at the evidence for the existence of Atlantis as well as the magical practices of its ancient race.)

            Ancient Wisdom of Egypt / Thorsons, c1999

(Understanding Egypt and its magical past will bring you closer to understanding your cosmic origins and cosmic connections. Hope provides practical prayers and invocations which show you how to tap into the power of this ancient civilisation.)

Ancient Wisdom of the Celts / Thorsons, c1999.

(This classic work examines Celtic beliefs regarding religion, mysticism and magic. Hope explores Celtic music, poetry and dance, and tree magic, and describes the Celtic gods and goddesses.)


Atlantis: Myth or Reality? / Penguin, c1991.

(Hope sets out to show that new discoveries about the changing tilt of Earth's axis and possible collisions between our planet and a giant asteroid may provide valuable clues about the destruction of Atlantis.)

The Book of Talimantras : Ancient Egyptian talismanic symbols and mantras for protection, financial success, health & healing, love & romance, home & family, meditation and physical fitness. – Thoth Publications 1986

The Changeling : The Autobiography of Murry Hope. – Light 1999

Cosmic Connections – Thoth 1996                              

Elements of the Greek Tradition / Element Books, c1993.

Essential Woman : Her Mystery, Her Power – Mandala 1991

The Gaia Dialogues. – Thoth Publications 1995

The Lion People : Incorporating the Paschat Papers ; Intercosmic Messages from

            the Future / Thoth Publications, c1988.

The Nine Lives of Tyo. – Thoth 1990

Olympus: Self-Discovery and the Greek Myths / HarperCollins Publishers, c1992.

The Paschats and the Crystal People – Thoth 1992

Practical Atlantean Magic: A Study of the Science, Mysticism and Theurgy of

            Ancient Atlantis / HarperCollins Publishers, c1992.

Practical Celtic Magic: A Working Guide to the Magical Heritage of the Celtic

            Races / HarperCollins, c1988.

            Practical Egyptian Magic  / St. Martin’s Press, c1984.

–          (This book provides an introduction to Egyptian thought and spirituality, as well as many useful tables, lists, etc.)

Practical Solitary Magic (with Nancy B. Watson) – Samuel Weiser 1997

            Practical Techniques of Psychic Self-Defense / St. Martin’s Press, c1986.

Psychology of Healing: A Comprehensive Guide to the Healing Arts / Element

            Books, c1993.

            The Psychology of Ritual / Element Books, c1993.

The Sirius Connection : Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Egypt / Element Books,


(This book explores the belief that The Dog Star holds the  key to the destiny of our planet.  Hope discusses the nature of this wisdom, where it came from, its secret practices and beliefs, and much more.)

Time: The Ultimate Energy: An Exploration of the Scientific, Psychological and

            Metaphysical Aspects of Time / Element Books, c1993.

The Way of Cartouche: An Oracle of Ancient Egyptian Magic / St. Martin’s

            Press, c1985.

The World of Psychism : An Authoritative Study of Mysticism and Magic. –

            Thoth Publications 2001


Lilith, Lady

            If Mermaids Could Dance


Long, Mary

            I Osiris

            Our Son Moves AmongYou


Lorele, Reyna Thera

            The Archer King : Robin of the Wood and Maid Maerin / Blue Arrow Books, 2000


Matthews, Caitlin

            The Aquarian Guide to British and Irish Mythology / Millefleurs, c1989.

Arthur and the Sovereignty of Britain : King and Goddess in the Mabinogion /

            Penguin, c1990

            The Arthurian Book of Days / McClelland and Stewart, c1990.

            The Arthurian Tarot / Thorsons, c2003.

            Arthurian Tarot Course : a Quest for All Seasons / HarperCollins, c1994.

            The Barefoot book of princesses / Barefoot Books, c2004.

The Blessing Seed : a Creation Myth For the New Millennium / Barefoot Books,



British and Irish Mythology : an encyclopedia of myth and legend / Diamond

            Books, c1995.

Caring for the pagan patient : a handbook for health professionals / The Pagan

            Hospice and Funeral Trust, c1995.

The Celtic Book of Days : a Guide to Celtic Spirituality and Wisdom / Inner

             Traditions International. c1996.

The Celtic Book of the Dead : A Guide for Your Voyage to the Celtic Otherworld

            / St. Martin’s Press, c1992.

            Celtic Devotional : Daily Prayers and Blessings / F & W Publications, c2004

            Celtic love : Ten Enchanted Stories / HarperSanFrancisco, c2000.

            Celtic memories / Barefoot Books, c2003.

The Celtic seers’ sourcebook : vision and magic in the druid tradition / Blandford,


The Celtic Spirit : Daily Meditations for the Turning Year / HarperSan Francisco,


            The Celtic Tradition / Element, c1995.

            Celtic Wisdom Sticks : an ogham oracle / Connections, c2001.

            The Celtic Wisdom tarot : book and deck / Inner Traditions International, c1999.

            The DaVinci Enigma tarot / St. mmmartin’s Press, c2005.

            The Element Encyclopedia of magical Creatures / Sterling, c2005.

            The Elements of Celtic Tradition / Element Books, c1997.

            The Elements of the Goddess / Element Books, c1997.

            The Encyclopedia of Celtic Myth and Legend / Globe Pequot Press, c2004.

The Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom : a Celtic Shaman’s Sourcebook / Element

            Books, c2000.

            A Fairy Tale Reader / HarperCollins, c1993

            Hallowquest : tarot magic and the Arthurian mysteries / HarperCollins, c1990.

In Search of Women’s passionate Soul : Revealing the Daimon Lover Within /

            Element Books, c1997.

King Arthur and the Goddess of the Land : the divine Feminine in the

             Mabinogion / Inner Traditions International, c2002.

            Ladies of the Lake / Thorsons, c1992.

            The little book of Celtic blessings / Element Books, c1994.

            The little book of Celtic lore  / Element Books, c1998.

            The Little Book of Celtic Wisdom / Element Books, c1993.

Mabon and the Guardians of Celtic Britain : Hero Myths in the Mabinogion /

            Inner traditions International, c2002.

Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain : an Exploration of the Mabinogion / Penguin


            Merlin : the Pitkin Guide / Pitkin, c2000.

            My Very First Book of Princesses / Barefoot Books, c2000, 1997.

            The psychic protection handbook / Piatkus, c2005.

Psychic Shield : the Personal Handbook of Psychic Protection / Ulysses Press,



Secret Bride, Runaway Princess : two stories from Rwanda / Barefoor Books,


            Singing the Soul Back Home : Shamanism in Daily Life / Element Books, c1995.

Sophia : Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God / Theosophical Publishing House,


            Sophia : Goddess of Wisdom, The Divine Feminine From Black Goddess to

                        World Soul / Mandala, c1993.

The Summer Solstice : celebrating the journey of the sun from May  Day to

            Harvest / Quest Books, c2002.

Taliesin : Shamanism and the Bardic Mysteries in Britain and Ireland / Inner

            Traditions International, c2002.

            Tarot Tales / Penguin c1996.

            Voices of the Goddess.: A Chorus of Sibyls. / Aquarian, c1990. 

o       (This is a collection of perspectives about becoming a priestess.  Several of the controbutors are FOI members, and there is a fascinating chapter by Lady Olivia as well.)

            Voices From the Circle / Aquarian c1990.

Walkers Between the Worlds : The Western Mysteries from Shaman to Magus /

            Inner Traditions International, c2004.

            The Way of the Celtic Tradition / Element, c2003, 1989.

            The Western Way : Omnibus / Arkana, c1994.

The Western Way : a Practical Guide to the Western Mystery Tradition : vol. 1,

            the Native Tradition / Penguin, c1995.

            While the Bear Sleeps : Winter Tales and traditions / Barefoot Books, c1999.

The Winter Solstice : The Sacred Traditions of Christmas / Theosophical

            Publishing House, c1998.

            The Wizard King : and other spellbinding tales / Barefoot Books, c2000.


McCord, Julie Peavlor

            The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy (contributing author)


Monaghan, Pat

            The Book of Goddesses and Heroines / Dutton 1981

            The New Book of Goddesses and Heroines / Llewellyn 1997

            Women In Myth and Legend / Junction 1981



The Lion Path : You Can Take It With You-- Golden Sceptre Publishing, c1985, 1442A Walnut St., Suite 61, Berkeley CA 94709.

(A Manual of the short path to regeneration for our times, it discusses the discovery and use of a method extending to earliest recorded time and having particular relevance for today )


Nyoka, Gail
   Mella and the N'anga: An African Tale / Sumach Press, c2006 (ISBN 1-894549-49-X www.sumachpress.com)
(This is a young adult novel for ages 8 - 13. It was a finalist for the Governor General's Award in Canada.  Mella lives in long-ago Zimbabwe where her father lies gravely ill.  She learns the forbidden song that will call the Great N'anga, a strange and powerful figure, who tells the people that someone must seek out the much-feared Python Healer, a perilous journey that few would undertake.)


O’Regan, Vivienne

Pillar Of Isis : A Practical Manual on the Mysteries of The Goddess  / Aquarian-

            Thorsons, c1992.

o        (This manual contains lessons and spsiritual exercises for beginners on the Isian path.  It consists of this priestess’s iseum manual.)


Ozaniec, Naomi

            The Elements of the Chakras / Element, 1990.

            Elements of the Egyptian Wisdom  / Element, c1994.

o       (Provides an introduction into the philosophy and practice of Egyptian spirituality)

            Daughter of the Goddess: the Sacred Priestess  / Aquarian, c1993

(This book surveys the role of the priestess in the classical world, and attempts to synthesize an understanding of the priestess in society and history.)


Paxson, Diana.

            The Ancestors of Avalon (with Marion Zimmer Bradley) / Voyager, c2004.

            The Book of the Cauldron / Avon 1999.

            The Book of the Spear / Avon Eos, 1999.

            The Book of the Stone / Avon 2000.

            The Book of the Sword /  c1999.

            Brisingamen / Berkley, c1984.

            Celestial wisdom : for every year of your life : discover the hidden meaning of 
                               your age / (with Zsuzsanna Emese Budapest ) Weiser Books, 2003 
     The Dragons of the Rhine / Morrow 1995

            The Earthstone / Dohety, c1987.

            The Golden Hills of Westria / TOR 2006

            The Hallowed Isle : Books I & II / SFBC Fantasy, c2000.

            The Hallowed Isle Books III & IV / Avon, c2001.

            The Jewel of Fire / TOR Fantasy, 1992 c1986.

            Lady of Darkness : the Second Book of Westria / Pocket Books, c1983.

            Lady of Light / Pocket Books, c1982.

            Lady of Light, Lady of Darkness / New English Library, c1990.           

            The Lord of Horses / Avon, 1997, c1996.

            Master of Earth and Water / Morrow c1993.

            The Mistress of the Jewels / T. Doherty, 1991 c1982.

            The Paradise Tree / Ace c1987.

            Priestess of Avalon / (with Marion Zimmer Bradley) Viking, 2001 c2000

            The Sea Star / Tom Doherty, c1988.

            The Serpent’s Tooth / Morrow c1991.

            The Shield Between the Worlds / Morrow 1994.

            Silverhair the Wanderer / T. Doherty Associates, c1986.

            Sword and Sorceress XIV / (with Marion Zimmer Bradley) Daw 197

            Sword and Sorceress XVII / (with Marion Zimmer Bradley) Daw 2000

            Sword and Sorceress XVIII / (with Marion Zimmer Bradley) DAW 2001

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            Sword and Sorceress XX / (with Marion Zimmer Bradley) DAW 2003 

            Sword and Sorceress XXI / (with Marion Zimmer Bradley ) Daw, c2004.

            Sword of Fire and Shadow / Avon, 1996 c1995

Taking Up the Runes : a Complete Guide to Using Runes in Spells, Rituals, Divinations, and Magic / Weiser, c2005.

            White Mare, Red Stallion / Berkley 1986

            The White Raven / NewEnglish Library, c1988.

            The Wind Crystal / Tom Doherty, c1990.

            The Wolf and the Raven / Avon 1994 c1993

(contributing author in: Ancient Enchantresses Daw 1995;  The best of Marion Zimmer Bradley's fantasy magazine Warner 1994; A book of rites : being a compendium of rites and rituals for holy days and every day 1987;  Flights of Fantasy Daw;  Folk Tales from Persia Barnes 1971;  Folk Tales from Portugal Barnes 1972;  The Gemini problem : a study in Darkover 1973;  Hecate’s Cauldron DAW 1982; Lammas Night 1996;  Moonsinger’s Friends: an Anthology in Honor of Andre Norton 1985;  Olympus Daw, c1998;  Out of Avalon: Tales of Old Magic and New Myths  2001;  Phantoms of the Night Daw 1996; Shimmering Door 1996; Sisters of the Night 1995;   Turning Points TOR 2002;  Wizard Fantastic Daw 1997;  Year’s Best Fantasy Eos 2002
Quanier, Johann (editor)
     The New Humanity Magazine


Reed, Ellen Cannon

            Circle of Isis  / New Page Books, c2002. 

o       (This is an updated version of Invocation of the Gods.  It covers gods, rituals, meditations, magic, tools, and instructions for developing a relationship with the deities.  It contains a useful resource and appendix section.)

            Invocation of the Gods : Ancient Egyptian Magic for Today

–                      (an account of this priestess’s experiences with Egyptian deities.  There are some thoughtful essays for the advanced seeker.)


Regula, De Traci

            Mysteries of Isis: Her Worship and Magick For Today. /Llewellyn, c1995. 

o       ( This is a practical handbook containing background on the history of the worship of Isis in all eras, along with activities, instructions for making items, rituals, etc.  It was written by an FOI priestess.)

            Sacred Scarabs: For Divination and Personal Power / Llewellyn 2001


Robertson, Olivia

            The Call of Isis  -- Cesara

            Dublin Phoenix – Jonathan Cape

            Field of the Stranger – Peter Davies

            The Golden Eye – Peter Davies

            Isian News Magazine

            It’s an Old Irish Custom – Denis Dobson

            Mary Anne and the Old Party by Kenneth Reddin (illustrations) – Morris

            Miranda Speaks – Peter Davies

            St. Malachy’s Court – Peter Davies


Sculley, Nicki

Alchemical Healing : A Guide to Spiritual, Physical, and Transformational 

            Medicine. – Bear & Company, c2003

And You Will Fly : An Animal Circus Adventure (CD). – Sahalie, c2001

Awakening the Cobra : A Journey of Initiation (CD; audio cassette) – Author,


            The Cauldron Journey for Healing (audio cassette). -- author

            The Cauldron Journey for Rebirth (audio cassette).

            The Cauldron of Thoth : A Journey of Empowerment (Audio Cassette). – author

            The Cauldron Teachings : Eagle and Elephant Journey. – Author, 199

Egyptian Shamanism As A Way of Knowledge  (Audio Cassette, and VHS

            Video). –Sound Photosynthesis

The Golden Cauldron : Shamanic Journeys on the Path of Wisdom. – Bear &

            Company, 1991

Healing Initiations in the Shamanic Mysteries (audio cassette; VHS Video). –

            Sound Photosynthesis

Health and Healing : The Cauldron of Wisdom (Audio Cassette). – New

            Dimensions Foundation, c1996

Journey For Healing With Kuan Yin. (CD). – Author, 2004

Journey With Eagle and Elephant (CD). – Author, c2004

Power Animal Meditations : Shamanic Journeys With Your Spirit Allies. – Bear

            & Company, c2001

Tribal Alchemy (CD). – Author, 1995


Siuda, Tamara

            The Neteru of Kemet : an introduction

            Eschaton, c1994.  (isbn 1-57353-105-7)

(This workbook is an adjunct to personal study and meditation on the Neteu.  Thirteen Neteru are covered, and quotations from ancient texts, illustrations, and the essence of each Neter are included.)


Stasin, David

            The Pagan Way Magazine (editor)


Tate, Karen

            Sacred Places of Goddess : 108 Destinations

Consortium of Collective Consciousness, c2006 (ISBN 1-888729-11-2; www.karentate.com;  www.cccpublishing.com)

(This book examines locations sacred to the goddess on every continent, and provides detailed descriptions, background, and history on each.  Illustrations and traveling instructions are also provided, along with an extensive resource guide and reading list)


Williams, Athene (Jacqueline Murray)

            Daughter of Atlantis – Regency Press

            Rune Magic (contributor) by Carlyle A. Pushong / Regency, 1978.

            The Story of Isis and Osiris : a Ritual Drama / Cesara Publications, 1975







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